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By Any Remixes Necessary - LP


From December 10-16, buy $25 of merch on the Wax Tailor store and receive a free copy of "By Any Beats Necessary" on 2xCD.


Wax Tailor will introduce a new vinyl format with the release, on November 10th of his remix album "By Any Remixes Necessary”. This new album, where eleven music producers revisit his latest album, will unveil for the first time in the world, a new “Connected Vinyl” format.

Established producers such as Ollie Teeba (The Herbaliser) or the US duo Du- Rites (J-Zone) as well as a cohort of rising artists such as ProleteR, Soul Square, The Geek x Vrv, Poldoore, Kognitif, Fatbabs, Madwreck, Benji Blow, Le Parasite were selected by Wax Tailor to keep a general musical cohesiveness to the project and bring new life to the original album which featured guests such as Ghostface Killah, Lee Fields, Tricky, R.A The Rugged Man, A.F.R.O...)

A vinyl junkie for the ages, Wax Tailor has always fought to defend the format and find new ways to reach out to custumers. After introducing in 2009 the very first Vinyl - CD Hybrid (https://www.wired.com/2009/09/wax-tailor-cdvinyl/), he doubles down with the French start-up Revive to bring life to a new format, the Connected Vinyl. Each LP version of “By Any Remixes Necessary" will be graced with an NFC chip, bridging the gap between analog and digital. Each listeners in posession of a smartphone will be able to access additional content, such as streaming the album, receive infos on the artist, watch videos, and much more, simply by placing his smartphone on the album cover.

1. Ecstasy [ProleteR Remix]
2. Buckwild (Feat IDIL) [Soul Square Remix]
3. Worldwide (Feat Ghostface Killah) [The Du-Rites Remix]
4. Clock Tick (Poldoore Remix)
5. The Chase (Feat Raashan Ahmad & Mattic) [Fatbabs Remix]
6. I Had A Woman (The Geek x Vrv Remix)
7. For The Worst (Feat IDIL) [Madwreck Remix]
8. The Road Is Ruff (Feat Lee Fields) [Benji Blow Remix]
9. Back on Wax (Feat Token, A-F-R-O, R.A The Rugged Man) [Ollie Teeba Remix]
10. My Burn (Feat Sara Genn) [Kognitif Remix]
11. The Phonograph [Le Parasite Remix]

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